Choosing a WordPress Theme to Match Your Website

The theme matching process takes a designer many hours to code manually, but can be reduced to just a few seconds.

Offer WordPress themes to your clients faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. No WordPress experience required.

Create themes quickly and cheaply with Theme Matcher, and then sell for profit to customers wanting HTML to WordPress conversions.

Bootstrap your blog so it matches your stylish landing page in seconds. Don’t waste precious time creating a custom WordPress theme!

Add a blog to your website without doing a redesign! Theme Matcher will help you quickly integrate a blog to increase sales.

You have a great website and want to add a blog or news section to increase your traffic and engage with your visitors, but there are no blog themes that match your site! Your blog looks like completely different to your main website, confusing visitors and making you look unprofessional.

Unless you are an experienced web developer, hiring a freelancer is the only other way to get a custom made theme. It’s difficult to organize, time consuming, and expensive. After the time spent finding and hiring a freelancer to do the work, you can expect to spend over $200 and a few days for the work to be completed for a simple site.

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