Learn UI & UX design skills part-time & online

Code is just half the equation. Whether you’re a developer looking to boost your design skills, a product person trying to communicate better with your team, or someone switching careers and moving into design, we’ve got something for you.

Practice with projects that teach you design principles. Learning by doing isn’t just the best way; it’s the only way.

Weekly Skype sessions with an industry expert — it’s like having your own personal design coach.

Quickly improve with annotated online feedback on all your work from peers and your mentor. You’ll see the difference.

Designlab mentors are hand-picked for their design excellence and their top-notch communication skills. Rest assured: you’re in good hands.

New to design? Start here, with this crash course that covers concepts of visual design like color theory, typography, and layout.

Learn how to make better products through insight and understanding. Perfect for aspiring UX professionals, product managers, entrepreneurs, & more.

You’ll learn the basics of interaction design in this course — usability, navigation, user flows, wireframing, and more. This is part 2 in our UX series.

I’ve started a new job at Microsoft as a Design Developer, three weeks ago. The design principles I learned during the Designlab course helped me during the interview process! Thank you so much :)

I really enjoyed the course. I’ve made huge strides in being able to put together a design I feel comfortable with.

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