100 ideas to boost your Social Media Marketing

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100 ideas to boost your Social Media Marketing

$3.29 $0.49

This 24-page e-book is a goldmine of ideas for freshen up your social media marketing approach. If your e-commerce or web site is not yet used at its own full potential, there is a high chance that this e-book will give you the right ideas. This e-Book (and ideas) include, are are not limited to:

  • using a Slide Share introduction of your services
  • share a free tool related to yor business which will attract interested users
  • use Reddit’s Trending content feature to find new related nc├Čiches to your business
  • offer forecasts which will start a discussion on your nearest and dearest topic
  • offer week by week roundup posts

… and up like this until the 100th idea. As you see, if you do Social Media Marketing you can never run out of inspiration.

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