Scraped to Original Content for WordPress

If over time you have built a number of WordPress blogs, you know how difficult it can be to constantly update your blogs with fresh Original content. You may have even resorted to using some kind of content generator software to ease the burden of writing fresh content constantly.

Originizer is the perfect solution for turning your duplicate content into 100% Original in the eyes of the search engines. It truly is a set and go installation. Whenever your blogs are populated with duplicate content it will appear to others as if you had just slaved for days creating Original content. In reality…No slaving away… Just new 100% Original content without spending the time and effort, Originizer does all the work for you. This leaves you more time to spend on other important SEO activities.

Best of all is when you purchase Originizer you can install it on as many of your own WordPress blogs as you wish and have 100% Original content on every blog.

Martin Says:

Wow. Originizer is one unbelievable wordpress plug-in! Originizer does exactly what it says it will. I created a 20 page wordpress website full of PLR articles that were all duplicate content, did the copyscape test, and the whole website came back through copyscape as no duplicate content found. All the content on my site was considered “Original”. This script is great! Martin P. NJ, USA

Ed Says:

What a fantastic plug-in! I just installed Originizer on my blog and in no time Google indexed over 1000 pages. Everything on my site is duplicate content and Google still sends me traffic! Ed G. ON, CA


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